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What is Web Hosting

Web hosting is the service that allows you to post your website on the Internet. This service is provided by Web Hosting companies, they give you the capability of creating your website from scratch using various available platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

What hosting can do

You can also access things like the database for your site, professional emails, file transfer and also site security features.

some of the hosting companies we have in Kenya are:

  • Truehost Kenya
  • Webhost Kenya
  • Kenya Website Experts
  • Tupoa Hosting


So basically, before you get a website and start sharing posts and other information for your brand, you need to find a Web Hosting company. Payments for hosting are usually renewed yearly, the prices usually vary from company to company but mainly do in regards to the allocated space that they provide.

The standard space for a basic website that a hosting provider will give you is 30GB. So you can share content, like posts videos etc, upto that 30GB. But if you plan to grow or you are already a big company, then it is recommended that you get the unlimited space option that most hosting providers could be having.

Through Web Hosting, you are also able to get very many features that help you to organize your site better, this also includes the latest security features.

After finding a web-hosting platform that suits your budget, the next step usually entails finding a domain. A domain is your brand name separated by a dot example: your or your

Client Needs

All this process requires the client to have a good measure of information on Web Development especially if there creating the website themselves but if they prefer quality work and security on their website, then it is recommended that they look for a Web Developer.

There is a big difference between Web Development and Web Design, Web Design focuses primarily on appearance, how your website looks like to a new visitor, while development is the real work since it entails more than appearance.


Development will give you security from hackers, give you the ability to receive messages directly from your website, it will also help you keep track of your subscribers. Basically, development will give you automation on your website, everything is done for you automatically.

Some Web Design companies omit the information concerning design and development. So it is prudent on the client’s part to really find out this information to avoid misunderstandings especially after payment.




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